Sniper Lights

Wir freuen uns, das Team von Sniper Lights erstmalig auf der Tattoo Convention Berlin 2023 begrüßen zu können. 
Ihr findet ihren Infostand im Industriebereich und für alle Artist besteht die Möglichkeit, ihre fertigen Arbeiten direkt neben der Pressewand kostenlos fotografieren zu lassen.

Hi there, we are Sniper.

You may have already heard of us. 

If not, let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Michael and Marco and we’re from Switzerland.

During the time we have been in the tattoo industry, we have always seen that many artists spend a lot of time photographing or filming their work after tattooing, unfortunately with a result that is not always very satisfactory. This is the reason why we have invested a lot of time and effort in developing a solution for this problem in the course of the last three years.

We are proud to present our product “Sniper”.

With Sniper all these problems are gone now! After tattooing the artist can take great pictures and films within a few minutes or even seconds.

For top artists like Julian Siebert, Sebastian Kristen, Robert Borbas, Christian Boye Larsen etc. is sniper already part of their daily business.

They love it!

You can find additional information about our products at:

Or on youtube @sniper_tat and instagram @sniper_tat